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July 27th, 2003

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02:39 am - Help, my cat is being bootlegged!
*** eXpress message received from Devil Crayon at 05:06 ***
>i wore Lawra's Abbe the cat has a posse shirt to my friend darby's birthday
>festivites today.
>someone said Santa Cruz is totally plastered with abbe the cat stickers.


Who's making Abbie stickers? (Cafepress doesn't report enough legitimate-yet-totally-inefficient stickers sold to constitute a "plastering" of any municipal area...) I want a piece of this action, dammit! And so does the cat. Cat gotsta eat, you know. I just wish I knew of a better alternative to Cafepress for actual stickers.

The concept of bootleg Abbie stickers simultaneously confounds and amuses me. It feels so weird to have something silly that you've been just doing off and on for two years take off however slightly. I mean, Abbie's been keeping a journal since 2001 just for kicks, for stupid fun, for catlike observations, you know. Nothing I ever planned out or branched out or expected to even merchandise, really. And then I start hearing things, like who's reading it and where it's turning up and suddenly I hear people are putting up stickers and stuff, stickers that I didn't even make in the first place?

That I think right there deserves a "whoa." That's really odd. But it makes me giggle insanely and when I look over at His Nibs, who's currently trying to be the World's Flattest Cat on the floor, I giggle even more. Perhaps it's not all that bad.

On a nicer note, thank you, whoever did this, for the abbiesayrelax RSS feed. That's wacky but very cool indeed. We can easily incorporate it into an Upcoming Project and that is super great.

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Date:July 29th, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC)
That was me. I'm too lazy to bookmark blogs, so I try to stick them all on my friends pages via syndication. But, I believe that blogmatrix was already doing a scrape of Abbie anyways.

You may want to look into doing some more official, but it seems to work just fine.

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