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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Postcards 4 and 5

When next go out, get bigger refrigerator.

Over the weekend, I received two new postcards from my Postcard Buddy. The first is a black-and-white shot of Elizabeth Taylor -- at least, I think it's Elizabeth Taylor, but there's this HUGE HONKIN DIAMOND RING in the way. On the back is Moh's Hardness Scale (I was all "Dude! Moh's!") and it's postmarked Phoenix, Arizona.

The second is postmarked Northwest Boston (ah, the great Northwest territory) and, on the front, has the popular philosophical joke "To Do Is To Be - Nietzsche / To Be Is To Do - Kant / Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra." The back is a tracklist from "Falling In Love", an album which looks to be a collaborative work between Ol' Blue Eyes and Tommy Dorsey.

As they say, curiouser and curiouser...

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