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It's just this little chromium switch, here...


More crummy scans from a crummy scanner ahead, chief!

Click on any picture for potentially embarassing photos.

Oh hay look we are in a newpspaper. Noah, Tom, me (the Spatula Tonight! gang) and Chris, who as the producer of our cable access shindig is standing off to the side looking (conf|bem)used. My sweatshirt reads "HAVE A DAY" (hand-painted it myself) and I am considerably not-heavy. Oh, for the days of that hummingbird's metabolism...

Here's the article about us. Dated 1994. Already one sketch in the first episode was outdated.

Everybody has one embarassing prom picture, and I am no exception. Here's Noah, me, Alex and Tom in 1993. Our dates (yes, we had dates) were off to the side hiding or something, I think.

OLD GUY AND HIS MOM, pencil cartoon I drew while working at the Big Y supermarket. I guess it's 1995.

A piece of fake news I wrote in fourth grade. I'd like to think that I've gotten better (though this sure beats the Onion some weeks.) Ripton, by the way, is a fake city in Massachusetts. There's a great story behind it. The typewriter was an old 1920s Underwood which I loved very dearly. Check out the cool-ass black/red type, done on the SAME RIBBON. I miss that kinda stuff.

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