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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Fun Finds at my Father's, part 1

I'm gonna see if I can't get Dad's ancient flatbed scanner working cause this is too cool to pass up scanning:

1 (one) slightly-crumpled piece of paper dated SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 1985.
It is a flyer for the GRAND OPENING of GRAPE STREET RECORDS (Near the Super Stop & Shop) in HADLEY, MA.

Nineteen (shut up, shut up) years ago this week I visited the grand opening of this record store (didn't last long, if I recall -- I think the hardware store went in next, or the tacky Card Gallery) and got this here flyer autographed by Alasdair Gillis, Les Lye, and Lisa Ruddy.


Oh hell yeah. Alasdair told me to "Keep on watching Rob!" That lack of a comma always disturbed me. I don't know if he meant for me to keep watching Rob (but I'm Rob) or if he meant for me to keep on watching. I kept on watching the show, at least. Lisa very nicely said "Glad you like the show." I remember that she was very nice and sweet, not at all like Motormouth Ruddy on the show.

Les just signed his name, but I remember talking to him the most. He was the one who jokingly said there were buckets of water and green slime on the catwalks over the entire studio, so you always had to be careful what you said. And I believed him. He had the coolest deep radio voice I ever heard in person.

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