It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Postcard Plot #3 and Abbie the Thief

No sooner did I set the grocery bag down than Abbie knocks it over, sticks his furry face in, and chews through the plastic breadbag to get at the loaf of bread inside. Elapsed time of thievery: 90 seconds. All I was doing was removing my boots and he went right for the bread product and took out a chunk of two pieces.

Swear to god, cat. One of these days they're gonna find you floating head-over-tail down the Charles. Or the Mystic, if I'm feeling particularly vindictive.

I received a third mystery postcard in the mail today, unsigned, of course, and postmarked Seattle. This makes me think someone's either very well-travelled, or enlisting the aid of accomplices. This one is intriguing, and has caused me to reconsider my "complete group effort" theory, because the picture is of a street sign that says "LOVE" and the recipe on the back is for a "Love Passion" cocktail involving gin, champagne, and passion fruit liqueur. That's a message you don't send to just anybody.

So! I am pleasantly intrigued. This little caper is the right blend of whimsy and mystery and I wanted to let whoever's behind it that I'm quite enjoying it so far. I may have to owe you dinner once all is said and done.

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