It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

keeping up appearances

  1. Watching an arrest from the crowd.
  2. Walking past a tennis court.
  3. Reading a book in the subway, pestered by a small boy.
  4. Walking past the house where the murder took place.
  5. Tossing some litter near a theater.
  6. Holding a camera outside the courthouse.
  7. Smoking a cigarette in Victoria station.
  8. Walking past a phone booth.
  9. Reading a newspaper.
  10. Walking by outside.
  11. Mailing a letter.
  12. Standing in front of a drugstore.
  13. Playing cards on the train to Santa Rosa.
  14. Appearing in a newspaper ad.
  15. Emerging from an elevator, carrying a violin case.
  16. Drinking champagne at a swank party.
  17. Leaving the train at Cumberland Station. Carrying a cello.
  18. Appearing, in profile, on a neon sign.
  19. Watching a parade in the town square.
  20. Looking at a maid in disguise.
  21. Boarding a train with a double bass.
  22. Crossing the top of a staircase.
  23. Appearing in a class reunion photo.
  24. Winding the clock in the songwriter's apartment.
  25. Sitting on a bus.
  26. Walking past a parked limousine.
  27. Watching acrobats in the Moroccan marketplace.
  28. Narrating the prologue.
  29. Walking by the shipyard.
  30. Missing a bus.
  31. Wearing a cowboy hat.
  32. Leaving a pet shop with two white terriers.
  33. Walking down a hotel corridor.
  34. Sitting in a hotel lobby, holding a baby.
  35. Riding a wheelchair in the airport (getting up and walking away afterwards)
  36. Refusing to applaud the speaker.
  37. Appearing in silhouette through the door of the Registrar of Births and Deaths.
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