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I proposed to Barbara that we go on "The Pie Trip" -- just take off and travel the country and "eat pie." - Bill Windsor

I'm not really one who likes spreading memes unless I'm creating them myself, but I also like pie.

Bill and Barbara Windsor are on a quest -- a most noble quest, indeed -- to eat pie in every state of the Union. It's one gigantic pie-eatin' roadtrip, it is, and that can't be all bad. I may not agree with Bill and Barbara's politics, but I definitely see eye-to-eye with their love of pie and love of the American road.

Their rules are simple, good, and remind me of several of my own road trip rules:

  1. See the real world.  Stay off the interstate highways.
  2. Eat pie.  Eat where the locals eat.  Avoid franchised restaurants.  "Slow food" rather than fast food.
  3. See the sites that others miss.  No need to visit many theme parks. [Well, I don't know if theme parks are such a bad thing... -dS.]
  4. Plan to enjoy the unexpected.  When something catches your eye, check it out.
  5. Try new things -- new places, new people, new food, new experiences.
  6. Stop and smell the roses...or whatever.  No need to rush; enjoy the journey.
  7. Think local.  Listen to local radio stations; read local papers; and watch local TV.
  8. Make the best of every situation,  If it seems boring, look again.
  9. Be smart.  Be safe.  Be prepared.  Exercise every day.  Keep the gas tank full.
  10. Preserve the experience.  Maintain a journal; keep records; and take a lot of photos.

They've been travelling since April and have hit about 32 states. Not only do they take boatloads of pictures everywhere they go, but they rate dang near everything from the best alligator to the worst Elvis (Hollywood, CA.  "The only thing that looked a little like Elvis was the white jeweled costume.") So what's the best pie, you ask? A key lime pie in Hobe Sound, Florida. Worst? Blueberry pie in Winterset, Iowa.

Wonder when they'll make it up Boston way. I'd have a slice with 'em.

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