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Peter Ustinov, dead at 82.

I fear that Sir Peter Ustinov falls under the category of "Whoa, he was still alive?" to most people who might even remember him and his roles -- as the "civilian more civilian than others" in Spartacus (for which he won an Oscar) or perhaps for the role as the old man quoting T.S. Eliot in Logan's Run. Oddly enough, I'll remember him most for his two Disney roles, as the voice of Prince John in Robin Hood and as the live-action ghost of Blackbeard in, well, Blackbeard's Ghost (a portrait of him in this role, by the way, can be seen stashed away in one of the tableaux near the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland.)

But now he's gone and some of us say "Well, Ustinov and Richard Harris are both gone; at least we still have Peter O'Toole to represent the hard-drinking, hard-carousing British thespians of the 60s" and the rest of us go "Whoa, Peter O'Toole, he's still alive?!"

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