It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Two finds.

Jo today sent me a recipe link for Irish sushi, just in time, conspiratorially, for St. Pat's. Please note that those are potatoes under the corned beef and not green peppers as I had originally feared. The wasabi shamrock is a nice touch as well, and I wonder if you can get away with cabbage in lieu of the pickled ginger. (And look at all the sushi lovers cringe! Hee hee hee.)

Then Jesse pointed me at CoasterDynamix, a Really Neat update of the ol' Spacewarp coaster construction game. Oh, the wasted hours spent on that little thing. Only this time instead of little steel balls that'll fly off the tracks and get lost under the couch if you do something wrong, we have B&M-style inverted coaster trains and B&M-style track and, as seen in the "Dragon" prototype, a nice tight B&M-style layout (starting with a big loop, Immelman, zero-G...) I'm impressed. Werner Stengel would be proud. The only downside, after checking the reservations page, is the price. $499. Egads! I remember when I got the first-gen K'Nex coaster kit for under a hundred on eBay, and thought I'd paid through the nose for it. (I definitely paid through the thumbs for it upon assembly; I may still have callouses from it. Or at the very least, sympathy thumb pains. And I built it over three years ago.)

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